The Perfect Marriage – Jewelry and Planning

Busy, busy! I’ve been crazy busy planning this wedding for my clients.  Most of the vendors are all locked down – Yay! But someone suggested that I associate myself with a brand to set myself apart from the other event planning companies out there. This is where I decided to become a merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel!

Their jewelry is fantastic and ranges in styles.  Not to mention the lifetime guarantee for their jewelry. Each piece has been dropped, pulled, and worn by the designers to make sure it is simply perfect.  If you see anything you like, click on the link below to purchase!

Lower Cost Weddings = Happier Marriage?

A new study, researched by two economists from Emory University, discovered a correlation between lower cost weddings and divorce rate.

Specifically, the study found that women whose wedding cost more than $20,000 divorced at a rate roughly 1.6 times higher than women whose wedding cost between $5,000 and $10,000. And couples who spent $1,000 or less on their big day had a lower than average rate of divorce.

– Brandon Griggs, CNN

Now this isn’t to say that if you spend over 20 grand you a doomed, but 0.6 times more likely to divorce.  And that isn’t that much!

App for Your Event Planning Needs

Really interesting…Gives you an alternative to FB!

Witty 'N' Pretty

starbucks_drink It’s hump day and I for one am quite glad. I’m tired, sore from the gym, tired of homework, and just ready for the weekend again. Many of us already have weekend plans and are looking forward to them. I’m hoping to hang out with my gal pal Lindsey or my like-a-sister, McKenna. Weekend plans have a way of becoming really complicated when there’s a million people to text and details to hammer out. Facebook events suck and are more annoying than anything and chain texts are just obnoxious. If any of you “suffer” with these current technologies, then allow me to introduce you to a handy little app called Flashplan.

FlashPlan is brand new and if I’m not mistaken, still in beta testing. I got to talk to the app’s creator, Shravan Rao, a flash_plan_appUniversity of Connecticut graduate, about what the app does and here’s what he…

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Quick Dinner Party Ideas

Not every party needs an elaborate menu, decorations, and RSVP. Here are some great ideas to throw a few amazing things together for the last minute host in you! Plus the company is more important than the food – mostly.

Fried Rice

This is a dish you can get rid of any veggies or leftovers in and make it amazing! Just make sure you dress is up with fancy plating to make it extra special.  Put out extra soy sauce, hot, fresh herbs, and some other spices so your guests can customize it.

Chicken Pitas

The one time I don’t Instagram my meals…

Bake or Grill Chicken breast and sprinkle with Season Salt and Cumin and add cucumbers, arugula, cucumber yogurt dressing, and sauteed red onion.  So fresh and light. I served these with beer, but a lemonade would work too.

Pasta Carbonara

Fast, easy, and oh so creamy.  Serve with a mixed baby green salad in a light vinaigrette and pair with a white wine or a cider, it is apple season ya know!

Free Flowing Libations – DIY Bars for Any Occasion

After reading this excellent article on The Bridal Detective, I’ve been inspired to take this idea and run with it.  Sure it is simple enough to go to IKEA and pick out your table legs and top style, but if you want to get really creative look at these!

Hot Cocoa Bar

Great for Fall or Winter Weddings. Really simple and affordable. You can even accent with marshmallow sticks and candy cane stirrers!

Anthropologie Mugs!

Colorful Drink Station 

Love this for any occasion.  The water jugs can be filled with various fruits and beverages to match your theme!  If you have a specialty drink… these are PERFECT.

Whiskey Barrel Self Serve Bourbon Bar

Nothing is more inviting than a self-serve bar. Guests can help themselves at this homemade bar. You can even find various crystal and glass bottles at thrift shops to make it more unique.

Pallet Bar

This is by far my favorite.  Make your own bar! The instructions are on the link for the brilliant designers. If you attempt to do this, please post it below! Can’t wait to see😀

Wedding Flowers – Mug Center Pieces

Here is my first post about the wedding I am currently working on for a wonderful couple. K&R want to have an intimate outdoor/backyard wedding with a country theme.  One of the key elements I’m helping the bride out with is their floral arrangements.

After going through a ton of picture on Pintrest and magazines, she decided that these Anthropologie mugs with assorted wildflowers were her top pick. Simple and Romantic.  The wildflowers give that non-traditional feel to add to the Rustic theme!

no rose flower mug display